We brew sake in Okayama, Japan since 1885

Tanaka Sake Brewery Mimasaka local sake『Musashinosato』Jummai-shu『chu-ko』

1655, Furumachi, Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan 7070412
Open: 9:00 am~Close: 19:00 pm Closed every Wednesday

About Sake

Sake is brewed from rice,water,and raw materials made by the fermenting rice.
First, the starch which is the main ingredients of rice is changed into sugar by the action of koji.
The sugar is changed into alcohol and sake is completed.
The sake has several kinds of raw materials, and the liquor completed depending on a combination varies.
The combination will be the taste of the brewery across the country.
Sake is rare liquor it can Kan, can be cooled and normal temperature can also drink.
Kan says the act of heating the sake itself.
There are general temperature zones and their names.
5 to 10℃ :Yukibie.
10 to 15℃ :Hanabie.
15 to 20℃ :Suzubie.
20 to 30℃ :Zyouon.
30 to 35℃ :Hinatakan.
35 to 40℃ :Hitohadakan.
40 to 45℃ :Nurukan.
45 to 50℃ :Zyoukan.
50 to 55℃ :Atsukan.
55℃ or more :Tobikirikan.
Aroma and taste is 5℃ increments change.

We brew many kinds of sake.

There are two types by material.
In Wikipedia there is a sentence 'brewed mainly from rice'.
It means type from only rice (we call Junmai type Photo-4), and another type is brew from rice and added alcohol during fermentation(we call Futsuu-shu Photo-6).
We add alcohol for clear taste, not for fortified.
It is ordinary 'added alcohol' type in Japan. But we brew both.
And there are another classification in quality.
Limited high quality type we call Ginjo (Junmai Ginjo Photo-3).
Especially the best quality in Ginjo we call Daiginjo Photo-2 (Junmai Daiginjo Photo-1).

Junmai Daiginjo
Junmai Ginjo

Daiginjo 50% or less polished rice, added some alcohol.
Junmai Daiginjo 50% or less polishing ratio, it is not the alcohol added.
Ginjo 60% less than polished rice, added some alcohol.
Junmai Ginjo 60% or less polishing ratio, it is not the alcohol added.
jummai-shu 70% or less polishing ratio, it is not the alcohol added.
Honjozo 70% less than polished rice, added some alcohol.
Futsu-shu There is no provision by polishing ratio,added some alcohol.


His name is MIYAMOTO MUSASHI. He was born about 400 years ago.
"MUSASHI NO SATO" means musashi's home-town.
He was a famous swords-man known as he never lose many duel in his life.
He was also a writer and artist.
He wrote a soldier method document, and he drew self-portrait or many painting in Indian ink and so on.
There are many fan in the world.

How do you feel to hear the words 'sake'?

We are very small sake brewery established in 1885.
For brewing sake,it needs naturally pure water and cold weather in winter and good rice.
Fortunately our area is blessed with a good condition for brewing sake.
We brew sake using a traditional method, and process by hand.
Our town is a birth and grown-up place of a famous Samurai(Japanese soldier about 400 years ago).
Ours sake brand "MUSASHI NO SATO" is named after Musashi.
We'll do our best to find a taste that you will enjoy, and fall in love with the individualistic world of Japanese sake.
Please don't hesitate to contact us with inquiries.
Thank you.