We brew sake in Okayama, Japan since 1885

Tanaka Sake Brewery Mimasaka local sake『Musashinosato』Jummai-shu『chu-ko』

1655, Furumachi, Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan 7070412
Open: 9:00 am~Close: 19:00 pm Closed every Wednesday

Tanaka Sake Brewery Inc.

We are very small sake brewery established in 1885.
For brewing sake,it needs naturally pure water and cold weather in winter and good rice.
Fortunately our area is blessed with a good condition for brewing sake.
We brew sake using a traditional method, and process by hand.

We are small but our sake quality is good.
We got a gold prize in USA National Sake Appraisal 2005.
We got a gold prize in chugoku sake Awards 2020 in category kan.
We got the same gold prize for another 5 years(2014-2018)too.
We brew some items with a traditional method and by hand.

Our town is known as a birth place of a famous SAMURAI.(Japanese soldier about 400 years ago).
Ours sake brand "MUSASHI NO SATO" is named after Musashi.
We'll do our best to find a taste that you will enjoy, and fall in love with the individualistic world of Japanese sake.
Please don't hesitate to contact us with inquiries.
Thank you.


Tanaka Sake Brewery Inc.

1655, Furumachi, Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan 7070412
FAX +81-868-78-3378

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